Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Business summary

BIOMETRY ( is a specialist on mobile security, using different biometrics in different ways, for highest usability or for highest security, adapted to the need of trust.

Customer problem

PIN, Passwords, Tokens or TANs are present means of IT security. PIN on mobile devices represent a security risk and are tedious. First Google Android, then SAMSUNG TouchWiz and lately Apple moved to biometrics, still leaving some doubt on security. It would be great to have a simple and safe authentication confirming the rightful user.

Solution/product offering

BIOMETRY offers highest usability by verifying the voice of the user during a phone conversation, or verifying the face during an SMS or mobile Mail. For highest security, 4 randomized words are displayed that the user speaks. Each word is verified by biometric face, voice and speech and thereby 12 results are fused for one decision. So, we separate the moment of authentication from the moment of using it and taking the simple face or voice on the fly. The level of trust is managed in an embedded App raising with each authentication and dropping in time. Use the phone to call, pay a small amount or open a low level secured door only needs low level of trust. Access to the phone contacts, mails or pay larger amounts need more trust. Big payment or mobile banking need highest trust, the 4 words or 12 fused processes.

Target market opportunity

At present, > 1 billion smartphones are on the market and soon 1 billion will be sold per year. Population is using smartphones and tablets for more and more applications. Mobile Security is a major topic.

Competitive Advantage: ATL (Adaptive Trust Level)

To pay small amounts, open simple doors, low level security is sufficient and with BIOMETRY, no specific authentication is needed. The level of trust, obtained through the last phone call is sufficient. This covers probably 90% our daily activities. Only few times, we pay big amounts or use highest security Apps, then we speak the 4 words. Seven patents were registered to protect this technology. BIOMETRY reached TOP50 of Mobile Authentication companies in an international journal and one out of 64 biometric companies in a buyer’s guide.

Marketing Strategy

  • We focus on Mobile Phone Providers
  • Hardware producers are our second market segment to approach
  • If my smartphone securely knows, “it’s me”, many applications and vertical markets are possible long-term.

Business model

Licence fee, time limited or not, or free software and 1 Cent per authentication process (DT, 200 Mio. users, reach 10% for 10 calls or sms per day, calculates to 720 Mio. turnover per year, this is one provider)


CEO and founder Werner Blessing, successfully directed companies for 29 years in 5 EU countries. In 2002 he won a Nationwide Marketing Trophy. His biometric experience goes back more than 10 years as cofounder of ID-Development, software for biometric passports. He invented the processes.

SVP Martin Wyss Role is to create the strategy and useable products for the market. Accomplishments: Entrepreneur and consultant in Management, IT Security, IT Architecture, IT Operations and Business Development.

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