One Software - many applications with adaptive security

One Software, one set of authentication templates, many authentication procedures, in many areas of activities, for a long term total security and the growing needs in your environment.

Physical Access, Phone Access and Permanent Presence Control can be obtained by the use of the individual or partially combined biometric authentication modes. Using Face-, Voice and Word Recognition, as most applicable in the underlying use case.

Logical Access Security and Web based Transaction Security are achieved on highest levels of security, simplicity and cost effectiveness.


Mobile Communication Biometrics, bring highest Usability and yet highest Security to all mobile devices and to your desktop. For highest usability, we take a biometric voice verification during each phone call and take the face when the user writes a text memo or a mobile mail. And for highest Security, four randomized words are displayed on the screen which the user will speak. Each word verifies the biometric face-, voice and speech, thus fusing 12 biometric thresholds for one decision. An embedded App will add low level or high level security on the ATL, Adaptive Trust Level, which will diminish by payments or other uses or simply by time.

Mobile Comunication Biometrics


Communication Biometrics; Multimodal, Simultaneous Biometric Authentication with Random Challenge Response. Ask four randomized words, each one being verified with biometric face-, voice- and speech, thus fusing twelve biometric results for one decision. A very strong Verification method for securing logical access (IT Access, direct, on VPN or Internet). Secure your data, even when working from a remote access.

Communication Biometrics


Biometric Transaction Confirmation; Modification Trojans can alter any web based transactions. BiTCo secures your transaction data, by using a specific and alternating mathematical procedure to concentrate the transaction data into a 4 digit code. This code is then secured with ComBiom, using
Face-, Voice- and Word Recognition simultaneously.

BiTCo - Biometric Transaction Confirmation

Perma Face

PermaFace refers to permanent biometric face recognition. For example, if a computer is equipped with PermaFace, the face of the user gets periodically checked. Once the software figures out that there is someone else using the computer, the systems closes all programs and shuts down. This is the ultimate data protection.

Permanent Biometric Face Recognition

Perma Voice

PermaVoice checks the voice of the user and therefore provides a reliable authentication for the phone. Each vocal cord is giving a digital picture which is unique for each person and precisely this difference is analyzed.

Permanent Biometric Voice Recognition